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"Discover ground truth, because only then can you decide what to do about it.

Avoid it, and your decisions will be made for you."
— Archaedis Mend


Discover.  Decide.  Act. ®

Assessing and improving Mission Effectiveness is vital to an enterprise's long-term success.  Other types of assessments, such as compliance assessments, risk assessments, and security vulnerability assessments merely identify the symptoms of an enterprise's ineffectiveness, but fail to discover and remediate their root causes. My patent pending process builds an effective enterprise from the ground up.


Reason Liberates.  Liberty Enlightens.

"I don't know what the truth is, but I know it's not this." I have thought those words many times when reading and watching conspiratorial explanations of Freemasonry.  Twenty years after reading my first book on Freemasonry, I decided to tackle the problem myself, and was surprised to discover the real purpose and plan behind this ancient order and other mysteries, such as the Oak Island treasure and the Newport Tower.




The Will to Compete. The Wisdom to Cooperate.

The need for security stems from the unavoidable existence of competition among individuals. Yet, no one is an island, so security cannot be pursued alone. Security is inherently a cooperative endeavor. One can decide to discover Events before they occur, or one can allow the Threat Actors to decide the Events to which one must respond.


Discover ground truth. . .

I suffer from an almost boundless curiosity. My interests cover a wide swath of topics, from mathematics and physics, to international affairs, to that crazy Freemason thing. I aim to discover the ground truth of issues so that I can better align my perspectives to reality. Check out my blog for some of the ideas that I am exploring.

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